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I love connecting with people about books. This page outlines the types of collaboration I welcome.

I can be reached via my business website at BelEdit Consulting. However, please first read the information below. To react to any of my reviews, please use the Comments form on the review. Thank you 🙂

If you are an author or publisher looking to get a book reviewed…

Genres: what I read

I mostly read fiction in these genres:

  • general and literary fiction
  • historical fiction
  • crime
  • dystopia/horror/fantasy
  • humor
  • classics.
  • I read some non-fiction, particularly true crime, psychology and sociology.

I’m unlikely to accept book review requests outside of these categories.

Timing: how soon can you expect a review?

Depends on how interested I am in the book. I’ll get back to you within about 2 days if I want to read your book. I’ll review it within a week or so, if I love it. Later, if I’m too busy.

I’m an avid reader, but please don’t spam me with irrelevant book review requests. Thanks!

Will I write a positive review?

Maybe.  I respect anyone who writes books. The world is a better place thanks to them! And I am enormously grateful to publishers and authors who honor me by giving me free books. But all my reviews are 100% honest and from the heart. And I reserve the right to decide whether or not I will review any book.

I always note at the end of my review if I received the book for free from the author/publisher.

I generally only post 3-, 4- and 5-star reviews on this blog. I’ll post 2-stars-or-less (OK, ‘fewer’, whatever!) reviews if a book particularly irritated me for some reason. For example, if it has received a lot of rave reviews that I believe are undeserved. I can also get stroppy when authors or publishers put books up for sale without editing them adequately. But on the very rare occasion when I am nasty about a book, I strive to respect the author and not attack or degrade them in any way.

By approaching me for a review, you are agreeing that I get to decide how I will review your book. Furthermore, I won’t change my review (unless it includes factual mistakes). If you don’t agree, I’m not the right reviewer for you.

What about formats and files?

I prefer the mobi format to read on my Kindle app. I will never share the file you send to me with anyone. I encourage readers to buy books by referring to the book on Amazon.

What about advertising?

Right now I’m not interested in putting advertising on my website. I’m independent and like to keep it that way.

If you are a reader interested in recommending books or responding to my reviews…

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