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Email from the Future | Michael Rogers

Note: Email from the Future is comparable to The Ministry for the Future. I found the latter a more satisfying read, but, well tomahto-tomayto. The Ministry for the Future is a ‘history’ of climate change in the coming decades, from the perspective of the mid- to late-21st century, and digs deep into climate science, economics and politics. It’s an ultimately optimistic, even inspiring work, focusing not just on the potential disasters ahead but on how they might be averted or mitigated.

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Email From The Future is a compelling and thought-provoking speculative novel. More importantly, this is a book the world needs. And I don’t say that lightly.

What I liked: It’s hopeful! It’s set in a future where things ARE better, where people managed to fix the shit we’re facing now. The publisher’s blurb says it all:

“From climate change, education, space travel, and religion to sex, food, crime, politics and even gaming, acclaimed futurist Michael Rogers describes the world of 2084. And more importantly, how we can actually get there.”

So thank you Michael Rogers, it’s a breath of fresh air and I’m sure I speak for millions of people when I say – I needed that!

What I liked less… Well, let’s be honest. It’s not much of a novel. it’s a series of essays disguised as a novel. I’m not going to throw it under the bus for that (as I said, I needed to glimpse this ray of light at the end of the tunnel) but I will take a star off as penalty.

I would give good money to see this book on school curricula worldwide. If you have teenage kids, get them to read it, get them to get their friends to read it. It could have tremendous impact on young minds, with tremendous potential consequences.

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