The Great Pain Deception

The Great Pain Deception | Stephen Ray Ozanich

The definitive book on TMS and mindbody syndrome

The Great Pain Deception is an account of Ozanich’s experience with chronic pain, the many treatments he sought and his release from years’ of pain thanks to Dr. John Sarno.

It’s a wonderful book. Yes it’s long, yes, it’s repetitive, but that really helps drive the message home. I will reread it again and again.

Dr John E. Sarno was a remarkable man. A clinical physician specialised in, particularly, back pain, Sarno spent many years working with people suffering from chronic pain. From this experience, he developed his theories on psychosomatic pain and illness, TMS or Tension Myoneural Syndrome, which he would go on to teach to many other doctors, psychiatrists and other mental health specialists. These are explained in his books.

Thousands upon thousands of people have been cured from years’ of chronic pain (and other conditions) thanks to Sarno’s work. Many of them simply by reading his books. Yes, I know that sounds insane, but it’s true. I’m one of them. His work has yet to receive the recognition it deserves because of the resistance to concepts of psychosomatic illness and the current medical focus on the purely physical/mechanical. Such resistance that even writing about TMS in a book blog risks damaging your reputation, as if you were just one step away from being a flat earther. (I’m not. Earth is spherical and Covid-19 is not a hoax.)

Start with John Sarno’s books, then read this one. I know it sounds weird, but I am so happy that the author took the time and trouble to write and publish this book. It takes all the wisdom of the many books about mindbody syndrome/TMS and distills it all into one very readable, very human book. Like other reviewers, for the first few pages I found the puns and jokes a bit cringe-making, but as I warmed to the author it was like listening to an entertaining friend. A warm, concerned and very kind friend. If you suffer from chronic pain, read this.

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