How To Kill Men and Get Away With It

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It | Katy Brent

This is a fun book, for entertainment, but forgive me if my review is as dark as the book, perhaps even more so.

It makes me rather uncomfortable to think about how much I enjoyed this book. There is a new trend of books (and TV shows) featuring women who kill, In this case, a woman who kills men who abuse women.

Frankly, it’s about time – and I’m all for it. About time to get the tiniest wedge into the colossus of works that feature men being violent towards women. We get violence towards women shoved down our throats every time we switch on TV or open a book. Not to mention the enormous percentage of women who experience violence in real life. #metoo and so on.

Time to redress the balance. Two wrongs don’t make a right (yadda yadda yadda) and I don’t advocate actually taking the law into our own hands, but it’s cathartic to experience revenge vicariously. To revel in those feelings of fearlessness and power, anger and the lust for requital. And to glory in getting away with it.

Nope, not going to apologise for that. I assure you, I’ll keep my desire for vengeance under wraps (whether between the covers of a book or within the walls of therapy). But let’s not pretend women aren’t viscerally angry.

Just look at Iran.

Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for providing an ARC. All my reviews are 100% honest no matter how I acquire the book.

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