Last Light


Gripping, chilling, scary

Update October 2020: At this time, it suddenly doesn’t seem so unlikely that the world may be just days or weeks away from total chaos. Last Light demonstrates one way it could happen.

I couldn’t put this down. And when I wasn’t reading it, I was worrying about what “was happening” and if the various characters “would be ok”. In other words, total suspension of disbelief as I spent a few days tied to the story.

Scarrow writes with an immediacy that had me gripping the book in a tight hot hold, hardly daring to breath. I had this book for a long time and was put off by the 1-star reviews but once I started I was hooked. I liked the main characters, I liked the way Scarrow wasn’t afraid to kill off some good characters before they had much chance to develop (I found that realistic) and sometimes in dumb ways.

OK, so it’s a page turner. Is it realistic? No, probably not. But it had me constantly wondering how my family and I would survive in a world out of control as described here. I lay awake at night picturing scenarios.

Oh, and I’m off to change to a power supplier that uses 100% renewable energy sources such as wind power. We are way too dependent on oil. OK, so the idea of some unknown powerful group orchestrating the whole thing is kind of silly, but hey, that’s just a back story and not really the point of it all. It’s just a device to pin the story on, and I’m ok with that. But the real fact of the world’s total dependence on oil supplies that could be stopped within days or weeks is true and scary.

Or maybe I’ve been reading WAY too many apocalyptic novels lately and it’s starting to make me paranoid. I’ll just quickly read the sequel (I MUST find out what happens in the next one…) Then I’ll definitely calm down with a few tai chi sessions and get back to my 19th century novels.

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