No Simple Death

No Simple Death – Valerie Keogh

Detective Garda Sergeant Mike West is called to investigate a murder in a graveyard in Foxrock, an upscale suburb of Dublin.

I thoroughly enjoyed this police procedural. It’s fairly standard fare in its genre, but it grabbed my attention from the first page and held it to the last. It’s nicely paced and the characters are interesting.

I have some quibbles – I can’t imagine that a local police station, albeit in Foxrock, would be so cavalier about financing so much travel on the whim of a sergeant, never mind breakfast in a 5 star hotel while interviewing a suspect, and suchlike – but these did not really interfere with the pleasure of reading. While some of the plot elements stretched my credulity, the pacing and characters kept me engaged. It’s better than your average plotting and storytelling overall and I recommend it.

If someone could just give Ms Keogh or her editor a lesson in the correct use of the comma, that would be great.

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