The Husbands

The Husbands | Holly Gramazio
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Wow, what an imagination Holly Gramazio has! The Husbands contains the raw material of (at the very least) 20 different novels, all packed into one very funny, highly engrossing story!

Lauren is a single woman, or she thought she was, until she comes home one night to find a strange man in her flat who claims to be her husband. He is, but she has never met him before. What follows is a really hilarious and wild ride as Lauren meets one ‘husband’ after the other. They’re coming from the attic.

The Husbands is quite simply one of the most entertaining novels I’ve read in a long time. Is it silly? Of course! Does that matter? Not a whit. It’s original, imaginative, funny, philosophical, wise and altogether wonderful. The trope (every time a husband goes up to the attic, a new one comes down) never gets boring, never predictable. Each husband is wholly different from the previous one…. I would have happily kept reading double the book and stayed fully engaged and entertained.

I do hope Gramazio has more stories up her sleeve and look forward to whatever comes next!

Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the ARC. All my reviews are 100% honest and unbiased, regardless of how I acquire the book.

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